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Youngevity's Healthy Body Athletic Pak is an energy-charged, performance-building nutrition program for active individuals and elite athletes.

Athlete Performance

Whether you exercise regularly as a part of your daily activities or are a professional athlete, living an active lifestyle provides you with a wide-array of health benefits. They range from maintaining a healthy weight and strong bone and muscle structure to lowering your risk of deadly diseases and extending your life.

Every moment of the day counts! Your body is either getting stronger or it is getting weaker, depending on what you are doing and the fuel you've consumed. Each hour of the day provides an opportunity for an athlete to enhance his or her performance, starting with nutrition. Taking charge of every aspect of your health is the only way to take your performance to the next level.

Youngevity's Healthy Body Athletic Pak™

The Healthy Body Athletic Pak™ is a targeted nutritional program to help you reach, or even exceed, your athletic performance that includes the 90 essential nutrients along with other products necessary for optimum athlete nutrition. 90 For Life™, the (3) essential products of each of our Healthy Body Paks, provides the body the basic and fundamental building blocks to ensure maximum saturation of any deficiencies that arise through diet, stress, and previous abuses of the system. The proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables, essential oils, and hundreds of other nutrients supports the bodies systems and organs so they can not only properly function but also repair and recover from the stresses individuals place on their body.

Rebound FX™ is your high energy alternative to the high-sodium, high-sugar sports drinks in the market today. You will not only receive nutrients to fuel your workouts, but Rebound FX also contains key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are lost during exercise and must be replenished. Endorsed by retired NBA-All-Star, Theo Ratliff, this nutritional sports energy drink will take any athletes performance to the next level.

One thing that many active individuals need is proper bone and nutrient maintenance caused by wear and tear of regular exercise. Ultimate Gluco-Gel™ provides active individuals with their needed dose of collagen, a key nutrient needed to build and maintain proper bone matrix, cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and connective tissue. Bone and joint maintenance is absolutely necessary in active individuals.


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